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Santa Cruz
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Media and Eduction...Yeah, What?

     When I personally think about education and social media I put them in completely different categories, but when really thinking about it, they are collaborating and it now seems like social media plays a huge role in education. Who would have thought to see the day, right? It almost seems that educators were smart when collaborating the two, for the people getting educated (mostly college aged peoples) are absolutely ADDICTED to the World Wide Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest you name it people spend nearly 5 hours, FIVE HOURS, minimum on these sites PER DAY. So what else to do than make it so they see educational articles or since everyone is already 24/7 connected to the Internet, why not teach by having them watching videos? I can tell you first hand, just the fact of being able to watch a lecture (that is not completely boring) in the comfort of my bedroom sounds way more appealing to me that going and sitting in and hour and a half lecture, and to be honest I will be more likely to pay more attention.
     It's really convenient for teachers to send homework assignments via Internet for the iGeneration anyway. Like I have strongly approached in my blog posts, the Internet is a huge part of communicating modernly and just collaborating education makes that fact alone even more real. It's not only our present but communicating in all aspects, whether it be socially, academically, shopping, or anything else you could possibly think of, it is our future. The world is changing, and people are becoming smarter in making their point, in educating, more accessible to it's audience. 

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